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Finding the Angles

August 16, 2011

This is a new space.

Confronted with a blank canvas, what inspires an artist?  I’m not one, but it’d be nice to know.  Instead, I feel only the need to cover, to feign that artistry, to fill the void.

But that’s not what I want this space to be about.

This is going to be a blog, with any luck, about my own progress through the mire of cultural propaganda that enforces whiteness.  I am white, and male, and have a long way to go.  My very handle exhibits that–an appropriation from Tagalog–but it speaks well of the way I view Western life, the US, my family, myself: attractive only from a distance.  Up close, the warts begin to show.

This is meant to be a safe space, a place for discussion that gives the benefit of the doubt to the oppressed, not the empowered.  I will almost certainly trip over those words in my privileged haze, and I apologize, but I want to welcome that discussion all the same.  There will be rants, there will be anger, there will be exhaustion and there will be rage, but I don’t want there to be hate.

I identify as white, male, queer, and cis, and that leaves me with a lot of privilege but just enough oppression to be whiny about it.  I’m pursuing higher education at a higher-than-median age, and in the meantime I skim the poverty line.  And I read something every day that makes me angry.


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  1. pyrofennec permalink

    This is an exceptionally self-aware post. I could hug you. (If you don’t mind being hugged by a homoromantic asexual woman, anyway.)

    • I like homoromantic asexual woman hugs.
      I hope to continue the self-awareness thing most, though. I’m no Tim Wise (and whether I think that’s good or bad varies) but I think I’m more or less past the 101 stage. This is what I’m trying to do next. Thanks for the encouraging note.

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