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August 18, 2011

My bank sent me an insurance card today, trying to sell me their personal cash-in on the new US health care system.

I’m taken care of anyway, but I looked into it, wondering when my bank started offering this service.  I mean, that much is obvious–there’s money in it now!  But I’d generally well-served by my bank so I was willing to give it a look.  Anyway…

You know, part of heteronormativity is the assumption that anytime you send out something specifically for straight people you’ll hit one every time.  It means that you can safely assume anybody you talk to, sell to, buy from is straight (and if they’re not in a relationship they’re looking to be).  It means my bank wasn’t expecting their customer to be excluded from their insurance scheme because I might not have a cis female partner to include on the policy or to visit me in the eventual hospital.

(It means a lot of other things, too, obviously, but I’m often confronted with the question of “realistics.” That is to say, besides the idea that there’s somebody rubbing their hands together and cackling at the idea of oppressing somebody else, there’s no way this sort of thing could be real, right?  Well this is one of the ways it is.)

And I’m kind of angry about this.  I mean, fuck advertising culture anyway, but…you want to sell to ME?  Learn who I am.  If you don’t want to sell to fags, well fuck you, but that’s your call.  Don’t make the assumption that I’m not one just because you want my money.

Also stop being a dick and include domestic partners.

*Note: I do, in fact, want to focus primarily on race in this blog, but I’m also trying to get into the habit and voice of writing this stuff out, so forgive me if some of these early posts seem to dart around a bit on topics.


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